All for Love

For Love, Jesus Christ Came down to This Earth. For Love, He Lived a Life pleasing to God The Father. For Love, He let him be chained. For Love, He let Him be flogged by his own creation. For Love, On The Cross to be a Curse. For Love, All our sins were imputed to Him and He bore the Pain, shame and wrath on the cross, The only Righteous One suffered in the Hands of God so that all the unrighteous ones may become righteous Ones in Him to The Father. For Love, He rose again so that The Ones He Loved may Love Him and live and Love through Him all, to Eternity. The condition for our Righteousness was met on the Cross, All For Love.

He let Him be punished by the ones He Loved due for the ones He Loved, That the Ones He Loved maybe In Him to all eternity.

On the cross, All our sin was imputed to Jesus and the Wrath of God The Father was upon Him, God The Father turned His face from His only Son, Which was unbearable for The Son who never left The father’s side.

Formerly a persecutor of Christ followers, Saul of Tarsus Writes.

The real purpose of our Life is to Love The Lord God with all our Heart, Soul and Mind which is only possible when we know what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. Then Love your neighbour as yourself happens.

We are all called to be His.

“and you are of Christ, and Christ is of God.”

You are Loved unconditionally by Jesus Christ ♥️

Photos by Jacob Rank & Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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